Question by music is love.: What is Denver, Colorado like?
Heres my situation: I want to live there, and currently I live in Minnesota.But please no comments about how “boring” it is and stuff.

I want to know if Denver (not right in the heart of denver, but a little further ways out) if Denver is the place where people are snooty or stuck up per say, but is it a place where I can go to the nearest coffee shop and sit and read a book peacefully? how about the guys in denver, are they good people?
ahaha, im sorry its just that i want to know if i want to live there or not.

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Answer by Serena01
I moved to the Denver area 7 yrs ago from WI…I love it out here. I don’t think the people are snooty. I wouldn’t even consider moving back other then I wish my family was closer. I don’t miss WI other then family n friends. The winters are far better and much nicer here then where we are from. It may snow but it generally melts within a couple days. The average high here in the winter is 40 degrees. There are very few days that you don’t see the sun. For it to be cloudy all day is unusual. I LOVE it out here.

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