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A few nice Rocky Mountains images I found:

Rocky Mountain Chills
Rocky Mountains
Image by Zach Dischner
Wintery scene of a wintery place. Taken from the top of Wolf Creek Ski area near Pagosa Springs Colorado. The scene is HUGE and I wanted to do a mongorama of it, but alas I was pretty much out of space on my memory card. So a simple 10 shot pano will have to do. If you look in the middle of the shot you can see Pagosa Valley and Pagosa springs, covered by a thick layer of cloudy soup. It was cool driving through it on my way up Wolf Creek Pass and being on top the soup when I got on my skies. Fun times!

As with most panos bigger is WAY better, so press "L" or view some bigger sized versions if you like it! Or better yet-if you don’t like but really really want to for some reason!


there, that should make it easier for you lazy bums out there. That is probably about 20% of the actual size but its all that will fit with Flickr’s size requirements.

Rocky Mountains
Image by CDPA

Rocky Mountains
Image by jamesjbrownjr