Question by Kapua Kea: Fort Carson, Colorado Questions.?
So my husband and I are moving to Fort Carson in September, and I dont know what to expect, with housing, base living, with the other wives and families etc. I was Curious on how housing works. Do we have to apply or are we placed somewhere? If I do have to apply, when do I do that? Is the housing there nice? I have a MILLION questions and I could go on, but any information would be very helpful!

-He graduates AIT Sept.5th and we’re supposed to report there by the 17th.

-ALSO I know we are supposed to drive(from Cincinnati Ohio), but we dont have a car, and we are planning on buying one, but I have bad credit and he doesnt have any, so any suggestions?? Thank you!!!

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Answer by gstdsm
hahahah you guys are screwed. fort carson sucks. AIT sucks. army sucks.

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