Question by Christian – I Still Love H.E.R.: Predictions for Denver Nuggets 2012-2013?
Predictions for: Denver Nuggets
Leading Scorer:
Best Player on Team:
How far in playoffs:
Grade on Defense:
Grade on Offense:

Record: 51-31
Seed: 4th
Leading Scorer: Ty Lawson
Best Player on Team: Ty Lawson
How far in playoffs: Eliminated in second round
All-stars: Ty Lawson
Grade on Defense: B-
Grade on Offense: A-
Me: Ty Lawson will break-out and Danilo Gallinari could make something happen as well this year. The Nuggets will be very underrated this season. There’s a lot to like with Andre Iguodala, JaVale McGee, Kenneth Faried, and Wilson Chandler also.

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Answer by Gilchrist-Kidd™ (Hornets: Anthony Davis)
Predictions for: Denver Nuggets
Record: 46-36
Seed: 5th
Leading Scorer: Ty Lawson
Best Player on Team: Andre Iguodala
How far in playoffs: 1st Round Eliminated
All-stars: Andre Iguodala
Grade on Defense: C+
Grade on Offense: A-
Other: Still no Superstar on this team, yet they still get lots of wins from playing together. Not good enough to be a contender but they are a dangerous team to go against every night.

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