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When the Lift Doesn’t go High Enough
Ski COlorado
Image by Zach Dischner
Last leg of the hike up to Silverton Mountain’s (in)famous billboard, up at around 13,500 feet. The lift drops you off way below that, and I’d say this hike is the most grueling and rewarding part of the entire Silverton experience. Its gnarly at times, and epic always. Plus you’re hiking to ski from a 13.5K peak, IN BOUNDS!!

I’ve said it before, but god dammit Silverton Mountain is amazing. People complain that "its not that steep", "my home mountain has this one run", "I only shat myself once today, easy stuff". Well this place is cheap, gorgeous, and has nothing but awesome skiing. So sure, go get all torqued over your home mountain’s one cornice dropping over a 500 ft chasm and say Silverton is over hyped. I’ll spend my 50$ on a place that only has huge lines (on the mountain, for the lift), a killer feel, and where the "resort accommodations" are a sketchy bus to shuttle in and whatever beer you want to drink in the parking lot. Its awesome.

Also, sadly this was the last trip that my buddy Pierce Martiin and I got to do before he up and moved to LA. Get back to CO bro!!

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Breckenridge–Peak 8–Hike Up
Ski COlorado
Image by mobil’homme

Proof that black people ski
Ski COlorado
Image by fafou