Question by Phil: Moving to Denver…?
I am a recent college grad from Minneapolis planning on moving to Denver and need some opinions….is there a good job market for finance careers? best part of Denver to live in for young professionals? and fun things to do in Denver?

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Answer by Ms K
Denver offers many companies that are in finance. We have many Charles Schwab branches, Merrill Lynch etc. It really depends on what kind of finance you are talking about. It depends on where you are going to get a job at, as to where you want to live. Wash Park area is one of my favorites, its close to down town and Cherry Creek. You could also look into Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, LoDo (which is pretty pricy), or centeral downtown. I would not recomend north Denver. If you are going to working out of an office in DTC (Denver Tech Center) or the Meridian area Littleton and Centennial are both very nice areas as well. I wouldnt recomend Glendale or Aurora (although both have some nice area’s they arent all that nice as a whole.) Highlands Ranch is very nice, but personally, I dont really care for it, its very pricy, far from everything, and there is a lot of traffic. For people your age Capitol Hill is a great area. Also if you are into are there is this thing called the Arts District on Santa Fe. Every fisrt friday of every month a bunch of art galleries have openings and tons of people come down. Its off Santa Fe between 7th and 12th pretty much. You will love Denver, it is a great place to live, and not nearly as much snow!

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