Question by Jiff: Is Fort Collins Colorado a biking community?
I am moving to Fort Collins, CO for school. I will live reasonably close to school, but i am curious to know whether or not Fort Collins is a pretty big biking community or not. I am just trying to decide how many cars my girlfriend and i will need.


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Answer by meowh2o
I went to Colorado State in the 90’s and rode my bike to and from campus all the time – there were LOTS of bike trails all over town to get you various places – along with bike lanes on most of the major streets. You can also take the local buses and they have bike racks on the fronts which helps for the longer treks. There are LOTS of trails to ride in the foothills around Ft. Collins. I would say you should probably only need 1 car out there if you are a big biker. Please let me know if you have other questions regarding Ft Collins!

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