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A few nice Denver images I found:

Image by mclcbooks
Denver Botanic Gardens

Mmm Radiation…
Image by Zach Dischner
Mike Berenson’s super bright laser pointer. We went up on Colorado’s Loveland Pass one night in hopes of catching some cool Milky Way sights. Didn’t get much of that, so we made due with the cool laster pointer.

After all this fun and schenanigans, Jed and I had to pull out our custom home-made camera/Star Tracker for some night testing. I’ve got a cool time lapse of that I’ll likely post sometime soon.

Zach Dischner Photography | 500px

Friends oddness
Image by eldeeem
Never ever give me 18 Friends heads and tell me to "build something". I’m looking at you, Imagine.


Soon to infest a Colorado History Museum near you! (assuming you live near Denver)

Also: new blog post!