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flamingo airport
Taxi to Airport
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We finally arrived Bonaire!

It was such a horrifying day up to this point. We reserved a taxi to pick us up at 4am in the morning, and the taxi didn’t come. We were forced to bring the car to long-term parking, rushing to get our bags checked in and go through security. After boarding, our plane had to go back to the gate because of an open water valve! So our flight was severely delayed going to Atlanta to connect to our flight to Bonaire, which occurs once a week.

After seeing the blue water surrounding the island and feeling the sun, it made all the pain worth it!

Paris, May 2014 – 069
Taxi to Airport
Image by Ed Yourdon
(more details later, as time permits)


In the spring of 2014, we came to Paris for a week of relaxed vacationing, mostly to wander around and see some old familiar places. It was a “return” trip for both of us, though in my case I think it’s probably been more than 15 years since I was even here on a business trip.

Business trips to any city don’t really count as a “visit” — since they basically involve flying into a busy airport at night, taking a taxi to a generic business-traveler’s hotel (a Hilton in Paris looks just like a Hilton in Cairo), and then spending several days working in the hotel (if the purpose of the trip was a seminar or computer conference), or at a client’s office (also “generic” in most cases — you can’t even tell what floor you’re on when you get off the elevator, because every floor of “open office” layouts is the same). The trip usually ends in the late afternoon or evening of the final day, with a mad dash back to the airport to catch the last plane home to NYC. Thus, a business trip to Paris is almost indistinguishable from a business trip to Omaha. Or Albany. Or Tokyo.

But I did make a few “personal” visits to Paris in the 1970s and 1980s, so I looked forward to having the chance to walk through some familiar places along the Left Bank. I’m not so interested in museums, monuments, cathedrals, or other “official” tourist spots (but yes, I have been to the Eiffel Tower, just as I’ve been to the Empire State Building in NYC), so you won’t see any photos of those places in this Flickr set.

As a photographer, I now concentrate mostly on people and street scenes. The details of the location don’t matter much to me, though I do try to geotag my photos whenever I can. But for the most part, what you’ll see here are scenes of people and local things in Paris that made me smile as I walked around …

Airbus | A320-232 | Thai Smile | HS-TXB | Macau | MFM | VMMC
Taxi to Airport
Image by Christian Junker | Photography
Thai Smile‘s "Nakhon Phanom" is the airlines second Airbus A320 delivered to the Bangkok based carrier on 08 August 2012.

Thai Smile is Thai Airways International‘s low-cost airline which was founded in May 2011 and commenced operations in July 2012.

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