Boulder, Colorado And Great Business

Article by Adam Snethens

Boulder, Colorado And Great Business – Travel

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The downtown Boulder area is considered to be one of the most desirable shopping and entertainment districts in America. This diverse city has strong demographics and a thriving market force which is driving the economy up and makes Boulder an excellent choice for new business. This area is quickly establishing itself as one of the nation’s hubs for new commerce and entrepreneurship. A few relevant statistics that help to drive commerce in this area are as follows: there is currently 2.5 million square feet of retail, office and other space which is occupied, 51% of all consumers are Boulder City residents, on average residents visit downtown and Pearl Street about 8-10 times every 90 days, and the average age of the consumers are 18-44 with a household incomes over $ 55,000. The fact that Colorado University is located less than a mile from the downtown area also helps to fuel the economy, while the city’s ample parking makes it easy for travelers to visit as well.

Boulder is recognized as a highly favorable and positive place to conduct business in general. Regardless of the establishment, whether it is one of the chic retail clothing stores, a vegan and vegetarian restaurant, or an elite art boutique, Boulder has the finest collection of independently owned and operated retailers in Colorado. Consumers travel from all over the state just to walk the award winning Pearl Street mall and shop the stores that have made it so famous. This strong centralized retail area attributes to about $ 350 per square foot of annual generated sales.

The employment opportunities and vast labor pools also help to contribute to the success of Boulder. There are currently over 10,000 people employed just the immediate downtown area who are diverse and highly educated. This makes for an excellent talent pool to pull from. These employees also account for a large consumer demographic who contributes to the commerce of other establishments. Much of the cities employees live locally which make for a highly ascertainable staff.

Boulder’s Business Improvement District was founded in 2000 to help businesses coordinate marketing and operational programming in order to strengthen the 45 square block radius that makes up the downtown Boulder area. This program provides business owners with effective marketing programs including, years of relevant market research, information on maintenance and service operations, a voice in city government and community affairs, and the opportunity to participate in special events and promotions which always drive traffic into the downtown area. Regardless the time of year, Boulder’s downtown area always seems to be swarming with shoppers and people watchers.

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Adam Snethens

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