Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Offers Texas-Sized Terminals

Situated in between the cities of Dallas and Forth Worth, Texas, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) is the busiest flight terminal located in the entire state, the third busiest airport in the entire world in terms of flight vehicle activity and the eight busiest for volume of passengers (according to 2009 data).  In terms of size, DFW boasts the second biggest aviation terminal in the United States (right behind Denver International), and ranks fourth largest in the entire world.  DFW is tied with Chicago O’Hare International for the most number of non-intersecting airplane runways, both having seven total. The DFW flight terminal is often referred to as a separate city in Texas, as it carries an individual zip code, postal office, and a board of directors from Dallas, Forth Worth, and four of the surrounding cities (Irving, Coppell, Grapevine, and Euless).

With 5 airport terminals, the team that constructed DFW had future goals of expansion in the back of their mind, as these 5 terminals are enabled to fit together with up to 8 more for a total of 13 terminals, with over 250 departure gates that may be constructed at some future date.  Lettered ‘A’ through ‘E’, the 5 terminals of DFW are strategically placed to avoid long trips from the airport parking lot to a concourse to check-in or meet an arriving passenger.  Currently Terminals A, B, C, and E are being projected to have significant remodeling efforts done that will be complete by 2017, and cost around $ 3 billion in construction expenses.  One interesting fact to note about the DFW terminals is that 85% of all flights inbound or outbound are operated by American Airlines, who have effectively shrank competing airline presence at DFW to a minimum (i.e. Delta Air Lines shrinking from 256 daily flights at DFW in 2004 to only 21 by 2005).

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