A few nice Denver International Airport images I found:

Determine my future for me… (Denver International Airport)
Denver International Airport
Image by ohhector
I went to Bozeman, Mt, a few weeks ago, to visit the Gibson Acoustic guitar factory and do some training for my job. It was a pretty fun trip, minus the adventure-tease presented by the beautiful mountains i would see from my hotel and on the way to the factory every day….to which, I did not get to venture to, since all of my time was taken up and I was car less.


It’s a beautiful area though, and I’m doing to go back and explore.

On the way there though, I had 3 flights…the first two were late, and of course the third was right on time so I missed it. that added an extra 8 hours of travel time to my already long day. At least I got to spend it at DIA, which is a really cool airport with lots to see an do. When I finally got on that last plane at 9PM, I was very happy.

These blurred bokeh dots are representative of my happiness lol